This Week in Women’s Rights 2018–05–16

By Scott Douglas Jacobsen

“A crowd gathered before Bozeman’s leaders Monday to say the city needs to do more to understand gender inequalities and improve women’s rights.

As the City Commission meeting opened to public comment, Rev. Valerie Webster said she lives in two versions of Bozeman.

“One, as a privileged white woman where I have the gift of raising three children,” Webster said. “The other one I’ve become intimately acquainted with as a hospital chaplain, 2 o’clock in the morning, seeing another side of Bozeman.””


“Hiba Usaf Siddiqui is a communications specialist. Hiba has been associated with the media and development sector in Pakistan since 2007. Her first job was at a television channel that specifically made programmes targeted at empowering women. Later on, she joined development sector where she had the opportunity to work actively on gender equality and as an advocate of women’s rights at the policy level. At present, she is the communication head at the Hashoo Foundation in Islamabad. In a candid interview with You!, Hiba talks about her work and shares her views on women empowerment…

You! Tell us about some of your most defining projects?

Hiba Usaf Siddiqui: During my professional work, I had the opportunity to work on several exciting projects. During my assignment with the United Nation’s specialised agency ILO, my role encompassed the nexus of media and development, focused on strengthening towards gender equality. In my course of work, I had the opportunity to organise a fashion show aimed at exhibiting the training invested in underprivileged men and women residing in different rural and peri-rural regions across Pakistan, ranging from Thatta in Sindh to Baltistan in the north.

Synchronizing the efforts of these artisan’s efforts with the emerging fashion industry of Pakistan was a huge breakthrough, and a dream come true for me. The most unique aspect of this talent exhibition was that for the first time in Pakistan the marginalised class of worker was directly linked with the international and national buyers without the traditional middle person. It was one of the most fulfilling experiences.”


“Among the top 20 countries in internet usage worldwide, India has the highest yearly growth rate of internet users. Easy access to the internet has enabled many people, especially women and other marginalised groups, to overcome traditional barriers and participate in the public sphere.

However, the violence women face in these virtual spaces has in many ways left them feeling vulnerable, not empowered. More so, if one identifies themselves as a woman from a minority religious, racial or ethnic background, a woman with disabilities, or a lesbian, bisexual or transgender individual. Online violence against women — that is, violence directed at women by virtue of their gender — violates their human rights and is thus an impediment to the attainment of gender equality.

Amnesty International India recently launched a campaign to address the issue of online violence faced by women in the country. It has been interviewing women who express their opinions online, documenting their experiences of being active on social media platforms and the violence they regularly face online.”


“Corey Lewandowski has a new job.

Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, who was charged with battery in 2016 after a female reporter said he forcibly grabbed her, will soon work for Vice President Mike Pence’s political action committee, according to Fox News.

The move is a signal from Pence “that there’s no daylight between him and his boss,” writes Howard Kurtz at Fox. It’s also a reminder that while Pence may have a kinder, gentler demeanor than President Trump, he’s no better — and maybe a lot worse — when it comes to women’s rights.

Lewandowski is one of a string of Trumpworld figures who have been accused of harming women. Trump has demonstrated that he couldn’t care less about such allegations, even mulling a comeback for Rob Porter, who was accused of physical abuse by his two ex-wives, one of whom provided chilling photos. Pence has always had a more benevolent image — you’d think that the man who once said he wouldn’t have a meal alone with a woman other than his wife would also steer clear of men accused of hurting women.”


“Women’s rights activists like Eleanor Roosevelt, Frida Kahlo and Rosa Parks lend their names to designs in this series of hacked IKEA cabinets, created by New York City furniture start-up Norse.

Recently launched in the city, Norse produces seven designs that fit onto IKEA’s Bestå storage frame and television stand.

Each design in the septet is named after an influential female — with Astrid Lindgren, Marie Curie, Eva Perón and Amelia Earhart completing the set — and can be produced in varying sizes depending on the furniture.

The company is the brainchild of Lotta Lundaas, who came up with the idea after hacking her own IKEA pieces as an affordable way to update the office at one of her first jobs in the US, after moving from her home in Sweden.”


(Updated September 28, 2016)

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